near disaster with an agreesive dog and a high speed descent

The climbs continue to be quite challenging. I find that if I can get into a zone it is easier to endure. During a stage we may climb 2-3000 ft.

Yesterday, while pedaling to Ingapirca dogs were attacking constantly. Sometimes two or three. Then the worst, flying down a descent one was already out in the road. There was nothing to do but move to the left and hope for the best.

When passing through villages and towns along the PanAm highway I try to remember that the drivers do not care. They make that clear. So you must be on guard every moment.

Tomorrow is our first rest day. Perhaps I will be able to add some photos then.

Good news I was able to obtain the bag in Cuenca today that Delta would not take when I departed. Tariffs were an additional $170 in addition to the $927 to ship.

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