After days of considerable gains in elevation of 2000+ m we dropped off on a 1000 m descent to Marcara.

There was to timing today so I was able to mingle with other cyclists and take more photos along the way. Much less huffing and puffing on the climbs. Our destination, Marcara, puts us very close to the border with Peru. Starting tomorrow we will be in Peru for quite some time, maybe 4 weeks. Suddenly we are experiencing much warmer temperatures. Today with no clouds the temperature was around 38 degrees C.

Each morning we gather for breakfast at 7. Breakfast consists of fruit, cereal, and often an egg. At around 50 km one of the support trucks sets up along the route so we can refuel with lunch. Upon arriving at our destination we have hot soup, fruit, bread, and a cervaza when available. Timing for each stage is usually from where we lodged to the destination which is around 100 km.

I will post more photos when it is possible to borrow someone’s device and there is WiFi available. In order to write entries I look around the town where we are staying for an internet cafe. Chow.

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