last blog was on the coast near Trujillo….after two days of pedaling we are now in Caraz

After two bush camps along the route we are in Caraz for the night. We have continued to climb reaching this charming town at 2270 m elevation. Most of our route since leaving the PamAm Highway has been dirt. Today we climbed along a narrow road through a magnificent canyon with a roaring river below. The road passed through some 50 tunnels on the edge of an extreme drop to the river. One must take care in tunnels should a truck pass through at the same time. I was surprised to bump a tunnel wall in the dark today as I passed through a long one. There was usually enough light so that you could get an idea of where to ride. No big deal.

Caraz remains to be intact having not been destroyed by earthquakes. Caraz is an exception. There is a cool strong wind making this a very refreshing respite. In the distance are the snow covered peaks of the Andes.

A much needed shower has removed the layers of ¨bull dust¨ from my body. Our group of about 40 has completely taken over a small hotel in the middle of town.

The Orbea continues to do well. I am continuing to run 700 x 35 as most run 29 or 26 x 2.1 tires due to some rough roads. So far just one slow leak. I intend to patch that tube tonight because the tube size I use is basically nonexistent in South America.

After tomorrow and of course more climbing I believe we have a rest day. Perhaps I can post more photos.

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