Washboard roads and sand with scenery like that of New Mexico..

Crazy day of timing two days ago with an uncertain timing point. One cyclist dislocated his shoulder in a fall. A support truck lost a spare wheel and tire never to be recovered on the rough roads. There is always something to be resolved eithe with the trucks or cyclists.

Now in Tupiza we have a much needed rest day. I cleaned the bike and drivetrain, lubed the chain, adjusted the shifting, and switched to a narrower tire for the upcoming pavement.

It is very interesting when you have a mix of cyclists with varying degrees of experience. There are a few who certainly had no idea what a challenge the Andes would present. They have been nicknamed the ¨truck team,¨ because they tend to only ride the easier portions of each stage and ride the truck the rest of the way each day.

Tupiza is typical of most towns in Bolivia where everything happens in its own time. No rush. I´m just sitting on a bench in the shady plaza as it is now siesta time. Very relaxing. I´ll add this post when I am able to find an internet cafe with internet.

It is about 80 km to the border where we finally cross into Argentina. I look forward to seeing how it differs from Bolivia.

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