Stage 66 Brutal is the best description.

When I think back on that ride I am reminded of another stage back in Peru.  That was the stage to Cerro de Pasco which was also brutal.  Cerro de Pasco was incredibly cold.  As I recall one cyclist suffered from hypothermia.  In the case of stage 66 it was the 35 km dirt/sand road which lead up what seemed to be a never ending ascent to a remote police station called Tocota.  My speed was probably only around 7 km/h.   The sandy conditions required considerable effort and attention to the track I chose.   Apparently the police keep a check on illegal hunting of  the guanaco which are similar to the vicuna.

Upon reaching Tocota I was badly dehydrated and totally exhausted.  I was done. My mistake was pouring water from my bottle over my neck to cool down. What a prize.

Sunrise at To Cato Police Station
Sunrise at To Cato Police Station


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