11/22 Stage 88 Overeating and Walter’s panqueques…,..

That was my response to Rob’s inquiry about my favorable results today. Kind of a surprise for me as well. It has been quite a long time. I understand that we have 9 more racing days. Believe me when I say that I am looking forward to no more timing. Period. If you were to ask how many pictures I took today. The answer of course would be zero. I didn’t get off until I was at the finish 118 km down the road.

The recent days of rain and unpaved roads really played havoc with my drive train and shifting both front and back. So during yesterday’s rest day I replaced the cassette, the rear derailleur, and front cable and housing. I would have replaced the chain if I had had a another one but I settled for a through cleaning in a plastic container.

Not only did I enjoy riding my bike because it pedaled like a new bike, but I am sure I was able to pedal faster as a result as well.

Tomorrow we cross back through customs into Argentina. No timing! Photos will be taken unless it isn’t photogenic.