Stage 94 Riding the pampas to the next estancia with vast plains between and of course cross winds…..

No signs of humans or for that matter other animal life in the pampas. The pampas are bast plains containing only grasses and shrubs interrupted by hills. We ride the dirt roads leaning into the wind while searching for the best place to pedal our bikes. Of course wherever one pedals its always better in the track over there.

We have been camping at the remote estancias which are ranches which have been converted into guest ranches having a few rooms to rent. They provide us with a place to eat our dinner and breakfast out of the unrelenting winds. That is certainly a luxury.

Conversations are always interesting whether concerning objectives of those having pedaled from Quito or those having joined us recently. Some question their expectations while others wonder about how to get through the day. I was thinking as I fought a healthy wind today about the inner child and how I might want to stop and just sit along the roadside shedding tears. Just a thought mind you. The adult in me wanted to keep pedaling in order to finish and rest. The adult won. I shared this with my colleagues and they too had similar thoughts.

The timing continues each day and I know Alfred is shrinking the time between us. I continue to do my best knowing that I reached my peak some time ago and I am hanging on by a thread. My goals have never changed. I want to pedal the whole distance, maintain my bike, and remain heathy enough to ride. I never intended to be more than 5th in ranking. Unless something happens to me or the bike I think that will be a reality.

It’s Thanksgiving! So strange to be here with an entire group of people who are so distant from that celebration.

There is a cyclist from Germany who has ridden from Alaska to Florida and then to Ushuaia and now is heading north to Santiago. I think he said he has traveled for 18 months averaging about 10 euros a day. I’m not sure about that amount. He is fully self supported.