Stage 96 it’s a race!!! 58 km 8 to 10:30 accompanied by the ubiquitous wind.

Six of us broke away and rode as a tight group. We took turns leading into the wind. Then at thirty something Joost pulled over into the left lane and surged. I missed his lead. Terry, Barry,and Ben caught his draft and away they went. That left Alfred and myself, arch rivals, to find our positions. Alfred drafted me and soon Barry jumped on as we overtook him. From there we pedaled hard. Each one of us, knowing if we slowed the slightest, would be left to battle the wind alone. So we hammered on passing the lunch truck which wasn’t remotely near the road. No photos as we passed by Lake Viema which was formed fed by glaciers and now is fed by them. So the first break away group finished first and our three finished second..

Now the afternoon is for relaxation as the wind picks up more.

I should mention that we are camped at another estancia, the Parador Luz Divina along the La Leona River which is glacier fed via the turquoise colored Lake Viedma. I briefly glanced at as it we rounded a curve during today’s race. We needed to focus on not deviating from our lines since we were drafting side to side due to the dominate westerly wind.

It must be strange when it is dead calm. People must sit around drinking beers and talk about the strange sense of quiet they had when there was no wind to yell over.

Yes Calafate tomorrow with a rest day plus a glacier that isn’t receding.

Twelve more cycling days with six more races I think. The light gets brighter. A few cyclists have told they expect to see me on they podium. Whew.