Diarrhea and bikes make a bad mix. I would say running and biking but that’s not quite the same.

Most everyone has been suffering from some form of gastrointestinal distress. Must be something like being on a cruise ship. I have been able to manage mine and ride for three days. The first day I wasn’t able to eat as I rode. Those who aren’t fit to ride catch a ride on one of the two support vehicles.

The support vehicles are two retired fire trucks. One meets us with lunch at the midway point and the other heads to our destination with our gear. This makes for a great setup.

Diederik and Rien are two very strong riders who usually get me on the climbs. High elevations are always cool and rainy. Then the drops bring rapid speeds in the neighborhood of 70 km/h. Total focus and taking the proper line on the curves is the best option. Fewer dog encounters for a couple of days.

I may be able to post some photos here today. There is a Facebook photo of Diederik and myself in Lajo, Ecuador after we did 109 km yesterday. We are having a day off after some big climbs. Another day of climbs tomorrow and then we pedal toward Peru and the sea.