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Limited ability to post…bad luck

The missing gear saga continues.  I think it will  eventually be released.  I hope that it will arrive Cucuenca in a couple of days.  After yesterday’s ride I found a pair of cycling shorts to purchase for today’s ride.  Finding bike parts especially 29ers are impossible.  Most ride 26.

Yesterday we rode as a group North 27 km to the Mitad del Mundo where there is a monument at 0 0 0 .   Some of us raced back to Quito gaining 639 m.  Quite a nice ride.  There were several flats.  I admit I didn’t have an extra tube, pump, or lever.  Those are elsewhere in Ecuador sitting in customs.  They are convinced that I will try sell items I need for camping and cycling.

I will post photos but there’s a reason why  I haven’t yet. Today we were able to get all away by 9:30.  Quite the workout gaining 1313 m with a massive headwind.  The elevation added significant stress as I gasped for breath while trucks and buses belched out black smoke.  Much of the route was on the PamAm Highway.  The flip side was that all of that climbing provided a really speedy descent to within striking distance of Latacunga.  I’m pleased with my training and feel good.  Tomorrow we will gain 1744m in about the same distance.

So here is the reason that I haven’t posted.  Last night a very smooth pickpocket lifted my new  Galaxy S 5 phone.  I am borrowing my roommate’s laptop.  Besides the luggage ordeal now I am minus a phone and all of it’s contents.   Replacing it may be very difficult and expensive.  Actually there is no maybe to it.  I may need to ride fast each day and find work to help with these surprise expenses.  Oh well,  the riding is good and that helps take my mind off the  annoyances.   Plus all went well today.  The Orbea bicycle and I are meshing well.  That’s it I need some sleep.